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[Concert Photos] Motion City Soundtrack - Heaven Rawk Tour 2013 in Bandung

Motion City Soundtrack is one of big pop punk band from US. after doing shows on Australia, Motion City Soundtrack visit Indonesia especially in Bandung to entertained audiences here. promoted by Heaven Records located in Balai Sartika, Bandung.

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To war with scores of ninety proof; found nothing but the ugly truth. The decade of wastage, an instant and everything’s changed.

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Sure thing! "Alcohol Eyes" is my favorite song off of Go. Right behind is "Son of a Gun." :] What are yours?
dastardlydereck asked

My favorites are Son of a Gun, Boxelder, and Timelines. I still find it very hard to choose an ultimate favorite. They’re all just fun to sing to. Lately I can’t get the way Justin says ‘Hey Boxelder’ out of my head.

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Haaaahaha Jenna, why am I not surprised that your picture popped up with fymcs... how did I not already think that you would be behind it? :)
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Fuck yeah. You know me all too well :) Where there is MCS, I am either the leader or a prime member. Haha.

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aw fymcs is pretty <3_<3. how did mcs get ~involved with it?
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Well, Jesse emailed me April 10th telling me he would send me a background image to change the look. He specifically said it needed to be changed ASAP (haha), but sadly I was ignoring the computer for most of the month due to finals so I didn’t get it soon enough. Luckily, Matt messaged Anna and gave her the background instead. I love it.

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I LOVE THIS! Was laughing for days when I saw Holtby shrug Peverley off. I have to admit I used to hate Holtby’s demeanor when he was playing for the Hershey Bears. I met him after a Bears game so many times and he seemed like the biggest asshat alive. Now I am the biggest Holtby fan.

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NO GOAL! This Caps game is intense. Been on the edge of my seat this whole time.